• Liquid Asphalt Transport
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    Liquid Asphalt Transport

    We pick up and haul from refinery to plant.
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    Agricultural Transport

    Agricultural Transport

    We pick up from farm, haul to markets, haul from markets
    to other markets or shipping docks.
  • Sand and Gravel Transport
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    Sand and Gravel Transport

    We pick up from quarries and deliver to onsite
    construction zones.

Specializing in Construction Transportation Material

Since 1982

Our Services

Why Choose Us

Veach Trucking Inc.

Veach Trucking is a mid-sized trucking company in southern Ohio. It is owned and operated by the Veach family of Stockdale, Ohio.


To provide the best transporation services on the market and forge strong relationships with our customers.


To create long-lasting and innovative relationships with companies to enhance transporation producitiy, efficiency, and further the success of all of our partnerships.


Although we are located in Ohio, we service to many states and are constantly expanding our operations throughout mid-east America.

Our Skills

Transportation 90%
Construction 70%
Residential Gravel 80%
Residential Grading 60%
Agricultural 80%

Our Clients

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